You Tube as we all know is no longer just entertainment, there’s many good sites for good educational purposes too, such as the FDA Channel and one other new Channel from Johnson and Johnson.  So now physician have another way of reaching patients with referring health educational material for those who won’t touch a computer.  BD 

We just can’t get enough You Tube, but this looks to be a good thing for those folks who don’t leave the TV to to to a computer.  BD 

   And I need a little humor here too, one of my favorite FDA You Tube spoofs on Pot Pies….

Just in case you weren't already watching enough YouTube at work and on your home computer, on your iPhone, Ocean, etc., or on your Apple TV, now TiVo's getting in on the action as well. Originally announced earlier this year, TiVo users can finally expect the update to pop over your TiVo's regularly scheduled updates over the next couple of weeks.

YouTube Comes to Tivo - Switched


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