Healthcare identity crisis – be alert.  This is not his first round though with trouble but right now this one looks to be pretty serious.  The information given was false, but who did it belong to, or at least part of the information, like the social security number for one.  In a related story this woman worked in the medical registration area of a hospital and used the credit card information from a patient’s medical records. 

Who can you trust and who will attempt to use false information when needing medical attention?  BD  image

He is charged with using false name and contact info to avoid having to pay $7,500 medical bill.  Another weekend, another trip to jail for DMX. The rapper (born Earl Simmons) was arrested at Phoenix, Arizona's Metrocenter mall on Saturday on suspicion of giving a false name and Social Security number to the Scottsdale, Arizona, Mayo Clinic, where the 37-year-old MC went for treatment in April.

According to the Arizona Republic newspaper, X is facing charges of theft of services and identity theft in what officials said was an attempt to skirt $7,500 in medical bills. After his arrest, DMX was put into isolation for his own safety on Sunday at the Towers Jail, where he is being held on $60,000 bond.

DMX Nabbed For Using Fake ID At Hospital - News Story | Music, Celebrity, Artist News | MTV News


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