If you are not familiar with the term RHIO (regional health information organization) this is the efforts of communities working together to make medical records talk to each other and exchange information in simple terms.   Personal Health Records are looking to emerge as the more proficient way to exchange medical records data, with the patient in control.   Google Health, Microsoft's HealthVault are 2 that can be found on this site.  Anytime you want to connect and begin your online health records and forget where to go, the links are here.  image

With Software as a Service available today, there are many routes to go.  The key is to have information with you or available, as it beats the heck out of starting from scratch, especially in the ER room with a real emergency where the doctor has to shoot from the hip and they don’t like that either and would rather have some background information if at all possible.  BD 

BOSTON - Personal health information networks are likely to prove better models for health data exchange than regional health information organizations, or RHIOs, speakers said Tuesday at a world conference on interoperability in Boston. The personal health record platforms, such as those provided by Microsoft, Google and Dossia, provide hope for the exchange of health information sooner than could be achieved by RHIOs, said R. Tim McNamar, founder and chief executive officer of e-certus Inc. , at the 3rd Annual Leadership Summit on the Road to Interoperability.

Healthcare leaders favor personal networks to RHIOs for data exchange


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