Security story of the week, this is big, but under control, well somewhat.  He took control of the San Francisco City WAN (wide area network), reset passwords to the switches and routers and has refused to hand them over.  The City has not yet recovered control of the city’s network.  So far the network continues to work, but there’s no administrative access. 

image A security audit uncovered his activity on the network, accessing email accounts in Exchange among other things.  The software had been broken that traced administrative changes, so it was not automatically reported.  Could be one big bill to come in with new routers and reestablish security.  He won’t release the passwords and is in custody. This could happen anywhere and goodness forbid at a healthcare facility or hospital.  BD 

A disgruntled network administrator pleaded not guilty Thursday to charges of computer tampering for allegedly setting up an unauthorized access system and holding much of the city of San Francisco's computer network hostage Terry Childs, 43, entered the plea before Judge Paul Alvarado in San Francisco Superior Court on Thursday morning. His next court appearance is a bail hearing set for July 23.
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CIO - San Fran hijacker pleads not guilty to network tampering


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