One more Pharma company joins You Tube Channels, GSK, but this post makes a very good point, no embedding, I agree here, what’s up with Glaxo not allowing one to embed!  Also as mentioned, where’s the publicity as Eye on the FDA reports that he’s subscriber number 8!  Is big pharma still a little gun shy about using video media?  Use the link below to read the entire post, he makes some very good points here and reviews other efforts being made by Pharma in the You Tube Channels and shoot even the FDA allows embedding to help spread the news. Do you think that perhaps Twitter might enter the marketing scheme any time soon with Pharma?  Good article and worth reading.  BD 

“The first video listed is one that overviews their philanthropy. You would be surprised how little people know about the extent of philanthropy from the pharmaceutical industry. Frankly, most people don't know anything about it and pharmaceutical companies tend to believe everyone knows the extent to which drugs flow to developing countries. Here is a link to that video - unfortunately for some reason that is unfathomable, they have disabled the ability to embed the vid. Not a good idea.”
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Eye on FDA: GSK Gets on Board with The YouTube Revolution -


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