This article is an eye opener when we think about reality and where pharmaceuticals are being manufactured, and there are 26 more still scheduled to close.  Some may just be old and out of date, but this might suggest to ponder how much manufacturing is done here anymore and how much is done overseas, and why the FDA is increasing their mobility to inspect more outside of the US.  Recently Australia and the UK have joined efforts with the FDA on joint inspections overseas. BD

“When we talk about shrinkage, we usually toss out the number of jobs being cut. But another way to look at consolidation is to track all the plants closing. Since January 2007, a total of 77 industry sites employing more than 14,000 people were either closed or have been put on notice, according to Industrial Info Resources, a research firm.”
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And The Next Pharma Plant To Close Will Be& // Pharmalot


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