This gives a whole new meaning to the old redneck slang term of “swapping spit”.  One more way to market oneself through genetics and single life.  One question comes to mind, can they do this in California and New York?  Even though the web site states this is specifically for dating, the 2 states require a prescription from a doctor, so a bit imagegray here?  They still have your DNA in house once given.  The company is outside of the US as well, so I wonder what folks at other companies like 23andMe might have to say after the letters received putting them on notice to have a license in California. 

In the search for querying data in search of the perfect mate, just one more drill down process to let you know there is no perfect mate.  It’s going to cost you as well, so no freebies or guarantees here, but what in life is guaranteed anyway, taxes and death, the last I heard, but who knows this could be a lucky roll of the genes at the DNA craps table.  BD 

GenePartner’s service has been designed to complement your online search for a romantic partner. In our modern society people meet more and more often in chat rooms, on social networks or on dating sites. It has become common to exchange interests and values, filter for similar age and education levels, and search for likable physical appearances over the Internet. All of these standards and expectations which are important for a solid relationship can be easily exchanged online before meeting in person.

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