A new possible term in the world of Biotech, Biogenerics?   We currently have Pharmacogenomics working and now perhaps an interest with the Generic Drug business investing in Biotech as well or perhaps the availability of a generic without a long patent fda1protection period?  I am not quite sure how this fits in, but perhaps more information will be available as the issue develops  The group is asking that the FDA work on a program to make it possible without the long and extensive patent protections for one.  BD  

The Generic Pharmaceutical Association (GPhA) today said the availability of a workable pathway that provides timely patient access to safe, affordable and life-saving biogeneric medicines would save consumers and the health care system billions of dollars. The skyrocketing prices of certain prescription drugs were the focus of a Joint Economic Committee hearing on Capitol Hill yesterday (www.jec.senate.gov).

Biogenerics Would Reduce Health Care Costs For Patients, Says GPhA


  1. Obviously someone was not at the same meeting I was.

    Read here

  2. Thank you for adding your comment and you are right, it does not sound like the same meeting at all after reading your post. Healthcare is so fragmented all over and how to get everyone on the same track, well I can't figure it out, but I sure wish someone could!


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