Recently the FDA announced it was going to use the Medicare data base in the effort to mine and help find adverse drug side effects as well as other pertinent data relative to the approval and warning process in place at the FDA.  This is more than likely related to  the latest technology updates in progress with the new Sentinel Imitative, so by adding military records to the overall process there will be more data available to study and scrutinize. 

No doubt the information made available will also play an important role in how genomics is shaping up to play a role in helping with additional information up front for the decision making processes.  If the recent software solution from MIT could enter the picture and be effective with anonymizing the data, the processing time for mining data could improve as well.  One more step towards personalized medicine in the works.  BD

The Food and Drug Administration and the Military Health System (MHS) are planning to deepen an existing information-sharing relationship.

Cooperation between the two agencies will be expanded to include use of MHS databases to track unexpected side effects for newly approved pharmaceuticals. It will also include investigating and tracking outbreaks of food poisonings and incidents of bioterrorism.


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