Data breach story of the week, this was not the main health care records files, but data bases used for community programs.  Not too long ago I remember having this conversation with an organization too about not taking any of this information out of the area on USB sticks to work on at home.  There are a lot of letters to go out and free credit monitoring service offered as the usual temporary solution.  BD

The database, used for Saint Mary's health education classes and wellness programs, contained personal information such as names and addresses, limited health information and some Social Security numbers. The database did not contain medical records or credit card information, said Gary Aldax, marketing manager for Saint Mary's. "What happened was that an unauthorized person may have accessed the database," Aldax said. "We're currently working with Equifax, which is one of the three major credit agencies, to help handle this for us.

Saint Mary's warns of possible data leak | | Reno Gazette-Journal


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