What is in our make up, lipstick?  Another potential whistle blower case coming to surface here imageand no doubt another potential inspection job for the FDA might be coming around.  We already know they took the lead out of lipstick a while back, but now there are some questions on what is legal in the US and what is legal in Europe.  The products in question were sold to South Africa according to the report.  BD  

Cosmetics giant L'Oreal USA sold products overseas containing potentially carcinogenic chemicals, falsely advertised products containing animal-derived ingredients as "100 percent vegan," and failed to comply with regulatory laws, according to a lawsuit filed by the company's former regulatory affairs director.

Chevallier's lawsuit claims that L'Oreal sold Maybelline products in South America containing dibutyl phthalate, "a material banned in those countries for its carcinogenicity and risks to reproduction." Though the chemical is legal in the United States, it has been banned in Europe, and L'Oreal publicly said in 2005 that it would stop using it.

ABC News: Worth It? L'Oreal May Use Banned Chems


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