The race for the desktop email client continues with the latest offering from Yahoo.  Up until now you had to be online to work with email, now with the new Zimbra client, you can work with email offline, just as you have been able to do with Outlook for years. 

You can also import other email accounts, again just as Outlook has done for quite a while to include AOL, GMail, and others.  The software offers a lot of customizations and is imagea bit of a lengthy download.  Microsoft has a Windows Live Desktop, which is very similar to Outlook and I have used it for over a year one on of my PCs with pretty much the same capabilities, but it looks like Outlook, easier for me to work with and many of the same customization features and rules formats

Yahoo Mail is available with all 3 operating systems though, Windows, Linux and Apple, imageso if you are not a Windows person, you have some options.  My overall opinion is that it is ok so now I have an alternative to reading Yahoo mail, which cannot be brought in to Outlook imageunless you pay for a premium subscription, something that has always bugged me a bit as you don’t have that with GMail or Hotmail.  Oh well I guess you can’t have everything, so the battle for the desktop email client continues and this is worth a look if you are using Yahoo mail.  I still see many physicians and medical offices using it, thus I thought I would add this for information purposes.  It’s not Outlook, but it’s ok.  BD 

  • Email, contacts, and calendar all in one application 
  • Available for Windows, Apple, or Linux desktop computers
  • Easily set up Zimbra, Yahoo! Mail Plus, AOL and Gmail email accounts with the Account Wizard
  • Any POP or IMAP email account can be added to Zimbra Desktop
  • No limit to the size of your email storage 
  • It works online and offline
Zimbra on your Desktop


  1. provides free Zimbra e-mail accounts. They are still in Beta so there are a ton of good names available. Registration is only open in the U.S.


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