Reforming health care is one huge project and I wonder if 10 million is enough for folks to really get involved.  The day after the announcement we had this incentive announced by a retired physician in Los Angeles, a more focused target and worth 65 million to find a way to non surgically sterilize cats and dogs.  His quote below, as he felt 10 million was not enough for anyone to really get involved with the cats and dogs.

“No one will stop what they're doing and turn their attention to this problem for $10 million. That's not enough," says Michelson, 59, a retired Los Angeles orthopedic surgeon who invented and patented hundreds of surgical instruments, won an infringement case in 2005 and landed at No. 317 on Forbes' 400 Richest Americans list last month.

$75 Million to Sterilize Pets With A Non Surgical Procedure - $10 Million to Build a Better Health Care System in the USimage

With as complicated as health care reform is, and with the various moving targets challenged by science and risk management, is this enough for anyone to seriously get involved?  Wellpoint has much more revenue than this doctor has, so do you think they could maybe kick it up a bit? 

They just funded over 11 million for this manufacturer to make and provide tablets for physician practice lobbies with the Blue Cross Venture Capital funds.  The tablets run advertising as well as providing a service.  This is just a sample as there’s more out on the web you can read up on. 

“Phreesia, maker of electronic tablets to replace those pesky intake clipboards at doctors’ offices, announced today that it brought in $11.6 million in a round led by BlueCross BlueShield Venture Partners and Sandbox Industries. This brings the New York company’s total capital raised to $25 million — which it plans to use to enlist more doctors to use the product in the U.S. According to Phreesia, thousands already do.”

Just wondering if the doctor with the cats and dogs research and development was on to something as he probably had years of dealing with insurance companies before he retired.   The solution I am guessing too is going to require some deep rooting as well with risk management and perhaps lose the focus of over all better healthcare. BD 

WellPoint, Inc. (NYSE: WLP), the nation’s largest health benefits company, and the WellPoint Foundation, one of the largest corporate foundations in the United States are collaborating with the X PRIZE Foundation to develop an X PRIZE designed to generate new ways to address the nation’s serious health care system challenges.

Healthy is what we're after | X PRIZE Foundation

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