Co-pays and deductibles apply according to the press release.  Allergies, stuffy noses and sinus problems are listed as examples on where the TeleDoc service could fill in if the primary care doctor is not available.  You can log on and receive a imageresponse in less than 20-30 minutes and the service is available 24/7.  In their advertising you can see what the projected savings would be over alternatives with the ER room of course being the big one.  The company also has an area where board certified doctors can sign up to become one of their physicians, but there’s one catch, you need to know how to use their EHR and I’m sure they provide training too.  TeleDoc also creates a free PHR for the patients as well. 


Doctors can also prescribe medications.  Over the years at least here in the US we have always been told you need to see a doctor in person and depending on the imagecondition this paradigm is changing rapidly to make both access easier and cost less.  To use the service as a patient you do need to complete on online questionnaire as the doctors need to know a bit about you and and potential medical conditions so they are not blindly consulting.  You can also sign up as an individual on your own if you do not have Aetna insurance.  BD  

HARTFORD, Conn.--(EON: Enhanced Online News)--Have a sore throat and stuffy nose or maybe a sinus infection? Can’t get in to see your primary care doctor? Aetna (NYSE: AET) members in most fully-insured medical plans in Texas and Florida now have the option of using a new service from Teladoc to access non-urgent care over the phone.

“When a member’s primary care doctor is not available, a telephone consultation from Teladoc’s local physicians may be a good option for some members with minor illnesses. Members not only have access to quality care from the comfort of their home or office, but they also can avoid the time and expense of emergency rooms,” said Robert Kropp, M.D., regional medical director for Aetna.

The cost of a Teladoc consultation is $38 or lower, depending on the Aetna member’s specific plan. Copays, deductibles and coinsurance apply. Teladoc consultations are a qualified expense for HSA, FSA and HRA accounts.

A summary of each consultation is captured in an electronic health record (EHR). The member can share the health record with his or her primary care physician. Teladoc doctors can also refer to it during future member visits to help diagnose, recommend treatment and prescribe medications, when appropriate.

Aetna Members Now Have Access to Non-Urgent Care Consultations by Phone | EON: Enhanced Online News


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