Thermo Fisher is the company that owns Athena Diagnostics and at Thermo we have some additional action taking place too with the sale of another company and as you can read below, the acquisition of Dionex.  Keeping up with who owns who these days is not easy.  As we are all probably familiar with Quest, they are one of the 2 big companies where we go to have lab tests done.  It was just a couple weeks ago that Quest bought back all their stock from Glaxo. 

Quest Diagnostics Buying Back All Their Stock Owned By GlaxoSmithKline Their Largest Investor-Over $30 Million Shares

From the website:

“Athena Diagnostics is a reference laboratory dedicated to the development and commercialization of diagnostic testing for neurological disorders. Using imageinnovative technologies, Athena provides neurologists and other physicians with diagnostic answers that can improve the quality of health care for patients in a cost effective manner.”

A couple years ago I spoke with the Vice President of Quest (MedPlus) the technology end of the company and boy have things moved up a few notches since that time.  You can used the search box on the Medical Quack for a multitude of posts relative to Quest to include all their Health IT products and offerings. 

Quest Diagnostics and Health IT – Interview with Rohit Nayak, Vice President of Sales, Clinical Information Solutions Group, MedPlus

Quest is in bit of a unique position as they have all the lab information that all Health IT systems want of course and then they also have their own product line to offer so they partner and at the same time can work with connecting patient data with a myriad of software systems.  Here’s one example from last year with a collaboration with HP.  From a PHR (personal health records) standpoint, with both HealthVault and Google Health we can import and get all our lab results stored by setting up an account and putting the wheels in motion. 

Quest Diagnostics And HP Partner to Bundle Care 360 EHR Services With Financing and Training Packages

Here’s what Forbes had to say about the acquisition. 

The deals come as the laboratory-supply company is in the midst of a $2.1 billion acquisition of laboratory-equipment maker Dionex Corp.

Thermo Fisher sells products--ranging from analytical instruments to lab imageequipment and services--to labs and research operations. The company's profit has improved lately as it has seen mostly better sales and improved margins.

Thermo agreed to sell Athena to Quest Diagnostics Inc. for $740 million. Quest Chairman and Chief Executive Surya N. Mohapatra said the deal would establish Quest as "the clear leader" in esoteric and genetic testing for neurology. The deal is expected to add to Quest earnings starting next year.

It (Thermo Fisher)also agreed to sell Lancaster Laboratories to Brussels-based Eurofins Scientific SE for $200 million. Lancaster and Eurofins are a contract-testing laboratories that serve drugmakers and environmental-sciences concerns.

Thermo Fisher Sells Athena Unit -


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