In Broward county they don’t have a data base that tracks the drugs, thus many of the pain management stores locate there and is there a connection here?  It’s amazing when you look at how the doctor is ranked #22 in the nation with prescribing the drug.  The existence of the Florida pill mils has been in the news quite a bit of late and it’s good to see some attempts here to crack down on this activity as other states are beginning to complain as people travel from as far as Ohio to get pain medications in Florida.  If you watch the video at the link below, it shows a pretty good example on how easy it has been for those to get pain medications.

The “OxyContin Express” in Florida – Pain Management Abuse Documentary

Before working at the clinic, Zvi Harry Perper practiced in South Florida, Tampa and Orlando as an obstetrician/gynecologist and in 2008 was fined and ordered to perform community service and attend medical record school to settle a complaint on a botched abortion.  The doctor was listed as the “new” owner of one of the clinics investigated.  BD 

Among those charged with racketeering and drug trafficking in Wednesday's pain clinic raids is Dr. Zvi Harry Perper, son of Broward Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Joshua Perper, who is among the leaders of the region's ongoing battle with prescription drug abuse.

Authorities say Dr. Zvi Harry Perper, 49, ranked 22nd in the nation among medical practitioners in ordering oxycodone, which he dispensed at the pain clinic where he worked, Delray Pain Management.

He faces 18 counts, including racketeering, trafficking in oxycodone and conspiracy to traffic in oxycodone, a potent pain killer.

Joshua Perper, Broward's chief medical examiner since 1994, could not be reached for comment Wednesday.

For the past decade he has joined and, at times, led Broward officials in sounding the alarm against worsening prescription drug abuse and the thousands of deaths blamed on the phenomenon.

Zvi Harry Perper was listed as the owner of the downtown Delray Beach clinic on state registration documents. In the state corporation log, however, Perper is identified as a manager; court records filed by investigators show a clinic employee's ex-husband as being the owner.

Dr. Zvi Harry Perper charged with racketeering and drug trafficking in South Florida pain clinic raids -


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