Since the Government Direct Program has gone live, there’s a lot of talk and ways to go with being able to finally securely communicate.  Back in October of last year, SureScripts announced their offering for this service too, an alternative but also secure avenue to communicate for doctors. 

SureScripts Announces New Secure Exchange Network for Sharing of Medical Records

AAFP is making the service available via subscription for a small monthly fee of $15 a  month.  This means that one doctor who is a member can email and send secure patient information to another doctor who is a subscriber.  The key here is for all to be in network to communicate.  The AAFP Physicians Direct Portal will be the gateway.  EHR vendors Amazing Charts, e-MDs and SOAPware are already incorporating the service into their medical record software.  BD

The American Academy of Family Physicians officially announces AAFP Physicians Direct, a new service for health care professionals. Powered by the SureScripts Network for Clinical Interoperability, this new method for secure, electronic communication introduces an unprecedented level of clinical data sharing between AAFP members and their clinical colleagues.


This leading-edge collaboration between the AAFP, SureScripts (operator of the nation's largest health information network) and the EHR vendor community will:

  • Improve clinical communication among providers
  • Enhance continuity of care and care plan coordination among clinical care teams
  • Support achievement of the meaningful use of EHRs
  • Advance the patient-centered medical home (PCMH) model of care

AAFP Physicians Direct -- Running a Practice -- American Academy of Family Physicians


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