I try to keep some updates on what’s happening at the ONC created REC centers imageacross the US and everyone is a little different being they are a private enterprise coordinating to help physicians and medical businesses with converting and setting up electronic medical records.  Below are a couple recent posts regarding actives in Oregon and in Florida and one of the centers was represented this year at HIMSS, Florida.  

What’s Happening at ONC REC Centers and HIE Initiative Centers-Connecting, Licensing, Training and Getting A Little Cozy?image

Regional Extension Center (REC) Working in Florida-What the Centers Are Doing to Help Physicians With Electronic Medical Records

I do have to admit when the announcement was made to establish such centers I didn’t have much of a clue as to how successful it would be or exactly how they imagewould work.  It’s like anything today too, you don’t know until the organizations are out there functioning.  On on a personal comment here now that I am seeing how they are beginning to work for providers I shun when I see bills wanting to de-fund some if this activity because it is truly needed!  The goal is to have 3000 members and they are half way there and in Los Angeles I think this goal will be easily met.

I looked around at what the Orange County REC center in California is doing and they are not up to this level yet and basically still have a questionnaire to fill out and that’s about it on their website. 

One of the supporters and advertisers of the Medical Quack, Office Ally announced they were the first EHR vendor for the Los Angeles REC center this week.  You can read more at the link below at their blog and if you are in Los Angeles County you can contact the REC Center or Office Ally for additional information.  California was kind of the forerunner with HMOs and thus the networks of connected physician’s groups tend to have a bit more structure and organization than what we may see in other states. 

Office Ally Selected at the First EHR Vendor for LA REC Center (Los Angeles)

Again, when the centers were announced I like others were not quite sure how they would come together with the funds from HHS, but it appears the centers are growing to be an integral part for assistance and help for doctors and hospitals with software solutions and just keeping up with the news on what’s happening as it relates to the specific area covered by the REC center.  BD 

Substantial incentives are available for providers that achieve Meaningful Use of Electronic Health Records (EHR). HITEC-LA assists qualifying practices in accessing up to $44,000 (Medicare) or $63,750 (Medicaid) to meet the criteria.

Regardless of where you are in your EHR implementation, we can provide you with the resources and benefits to power your practice!



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