It’s probably doing the blog that created that title above because yes it is repetitions imageand not a bad thing but it’s just one more program and collaboration in the wall.  There’s not that much difference in the goal but everyone has their own content direction, etc.  The website won’t be the first on the web where you can hear about women’s health items, stroke, diabetes, and you name it, we have tons on the internet today and you either have a place where you go or let Google do the walking for you.  Employers and companies have their preferred sites to where they have either invested or are collaborating as well, again, there’s a wellness resource on every corner today.   Every time I hear about being a Baby Boomer anymore it’s making me feel old and like our age group is becoming a burden to society if you read enough wellness information on the web. <grin>.image

I always like to think that attraction is the best way to get individuals involved; however, we don’t see that all the time and I see areas to where it is more force fed through premium incentive, etc.  At any rate, here’s one more wellness program guided by an insurance company to help you live a happier life, although jobs and a better economy would go a long ways here too.  The bottom line really though is cost with all of the Wellness programs out there with not running up the tab on areas to where costs can be avoided and you will be healthier, the happier is still up in the air and that’s attained on an individual basis and Genworth will be using information and guidance coming from the Mayo Clinic.  BD   

RICHMOND, VA – In what it touts as the first time a long-term care insurance provider has teamed with a healthcare organization to promote health and wellness, Genworth Financial has unveiled a health education collaboration with the Mayo Clinic aimed at improving the well-being of Baby Boomers.

The Live+Well program provides an online resource for consumers that features articles from Mayo Clinic wellness experts designed to help people manage and monitor their health risks. Topics will include men’s and women’s health, the common health concerns of caregivers, and tips for living a healthier lifestyle.

Genworth has two goals for the program. First, it intends to develop new concepts specifically focused on the Baby Boomer generation to help them live longer and healthier lives. Second, the program will also allow the company to learn more about morbidity trend in the aging population.

Mayo Clinic officials say working with Genworth and allowing it to disseminate wellness information and educational resources fits with the health provider’s mission.

Genworth Financial, Mayo Clinic launch wellness program for aging population | Healthcare Finance News


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