Here’s some additional coverage of what is being discussed this week at HIMSS.  imageEric Dishman from Intel talks about technology trends and also the cultural combination needed to make it all come together.  He talks about engaging the community and the patient.  Also discussed is how IT can reach out to the patient which a new needed twist.  image

Smart phones and mobile health will play a key role and expansion and education of seniors will help.  The big challenge too is getting consumers to use Health IT.  Where does innovation need to focus is one of the question posed here.  In the next 3 to 5 years things will be changing dramatically.  He talks about using Google Earth as just a simple comparison to see what health communities are around the area where one lives.  He talks about “IT Moats” in other words not having limited communication with just on the healthcare campus or in the facility. 

There will be new kinds of healthcare workers that don’t exist today.  He states the technologies that appear in the next 3-5 years are not going to solve the problems we have and focuses more on education, in other words develop processes for working with existing technologies on how it works best in the practice.  The myth is one thing will solve all problems in Health IT.  BD 

Missed the Live Event? Listen in as Intel’s Eric Dishman talks about four Mega Trends Emerging Worldwide


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