This was good and I liked the Extormity humor as much as everyone else.  I had a feeling it was those folks at No More Clipboard as at HIMSS in 2008 as I chatted with a guy from the company who was just enamored over Extormity and showed me the site and he was just too excited about it.(grin).  After watching it evolve over a couple of years it kept getting better.  In 2008 we talked about their “card” that was state of the art at the time for keeping personal health records.  I returned back from HIMSS and posted about Extormity on EMR Update a site where everyone from doctors to developers come together and chat.  It was an instant success with all having a good laugh.  Vendors have changed a lot since the early days and there were some less than trustworthy folks out there and the good news is that most of them went away as they could not survive.  Extormity went dark for a while with no updates and then all of a sudden they came back with a real humorous vengeance.  Here’s one of my recent posts about NoMoreClipboard with their new MD portal. 

NoMoreClipboard Extends New Online Portal To Physician Groups

I do sit and wonder myself as to who in the world is going to use all of the software that’s out there as we are definitely over produced and as time marches forward, it gets more complicated as technology drives software in that direction.  Check out the comparison for a few laughs below, they didn’t let us down.  BD 


Press Release

ORLANDO, Fla. – February 22, 2011 – At a press conference held today at HIMSS11, Medical Informatics Engineering (MIE), developer of a minimally invasive™ EHR portfolio for physician practices and Fortune 500 organizations, and, a personal health record (PHR) company, unveiled themselves as the creators of “fictitious” EHR vendor, Extormity, and “fake” certification organization, SEEDIE.

“As the healthcare community somewhat reluctantly transitions to electronic health records, many physicians, hospitals and healthcare IT experts have been frustrated with significant expenses,inflexible applications, a lack of implementation success and less than stellar ongoing support from EHR vendors. In addition, the whole industry is trying to wrap their heads around meaningful use guidelines and determine which EHR solutions will help them qualify for stimulus funds and improve the quality of patient care,” said Jeff Donnell, President of NoMoreClipboard.  “Several late-night brainstorming sessions with our EHR partner, MIE, led to the creation of an expensive, exasperating and exhaustive EHR solution (Extormity) and a “fake” certification organization (SEEDIE) – all in a good natured attempt to tap into this skepticism and shed satirical light on the industry’s situation.”  

“The concept was simple – these parody organizations would poke fun at EHR stereotypes while also pointing out that there are alternative solutions – vendors and technologies with affordable, flexible and innovative EHR and PHR solutions that actually help improve clinical outcomes and reduce costs,” said Doug Horner, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of MIE.

While hoping to start a conversation in the market, Extormity and SEEDIE wound up creating a movement.  As satirical headlines such as Extormity Launches Ridiculously Expensive EHR, Extormity Proudly Announces Breach, SEEDIE Announces ARRA Acronym Certification Program, and Posing as Guam, Extormity Snags ARRA HIE Grant raged over the internet, trade magazines and in industry blogs, “fan mail” started coming in and the healthcare IT community tried to find out who was behind the parody.  In response, the “company” continued to e-mail humorous updates to subscribers loosely based on real news in the healthcare IT space. And Extormity’s CEO, Brantley Whittington, became the “voice” behind the dark side of EHR adoption.

The Extormity Comparison

While Extormity has entertained the industry over the past year, the parody also draws a sharp distinction between what many have come to expect from electronic health records and what MIE, NoMoreClipboard and other HIT vendors consistently deliver.

“MIE and NoMoreClipboard, along with other like-minded healthcare IT vendors, are the antithesis of Extormity,” said Donnell.  “Where Extormity is expensive, we are imageaffordable. We embrace interoperability while Extormity erects information fortresses. While Extormity is plodding and exasperating, we are agile and responsive. Extormity profits from client-server solutions, while we have been web-based from day one.”

Below is a side-by-side comparison of Extormity and MIE / NoMoreClipboard.  For a full list and description, visit



Tagline: Expensive, Exasperating, Exhausting

Tagline: Minimally Invasive EHR

Cost: In the unlikely event you qualify for

stimulus funds, prepare to endorse your incentive

checks over to us. Our proprietary platform and all its components must be procured and implemented

as a single package we call the Extormity Bundle®,

Cost: MIE’s WebChart system available for

as little as $250 per physician/per month –

leaving you with a hefty stimulus balance to

invest elsewhere in your practice. This

web-based application requires no up-front investment in servers and expensive hardware, and no long-term budget for IT support.

Flexibility: Our software was engineered with

the assumption that physician expertise lies with

the practice of medicine, not the efficient

operation of a profitable business. The few

practices who have successfully implemented the Extormity EMR Software Suite recognize the limitations of their home-grown workflows and

agree to conform to the Extormity Knows BestTM Practice Model.

Flexibility: Some vendors require an all-in,

all-at-once installation, creating practice

upheaval and disrupting revenues.

WebChartNow can be implemented in

comfortable increments for a smooth transition from from paper to electronic charts. Each clinician

can document encounters as they see fit – with

point & click, dictation and paper options.

Complexity: Our flagship product, The Extormity EMR Software Suite, was recently voted “Most Complex” by readers of a leading healthcare industry publication. Not content to rest on our laurels, our development team is continually working on intricate, convoluted and dense upgrades written in MUMPS, Fortran and some token XML.

Complexity: WebChart EHR products from

MIE are user-friendly and intuitive, and

designed to resemble a paper chart. Electronic chart tabs can be configured to match practice

workflow, and each user can customize the

contents and layout of their home screen to

speed chart review and encounter

documentation. MIE has developed standard templates for most specialties, and custom

templates to match individual workflow can

be built easily and inexpensively.

Software Model: The Extormity client-server model requires a phalanx of servers, which must be replicated for redundancy. Fortunately, Extormity acts as a value-added reseller of these servers, which allows us to mark-up the cost and charge for configuration. These servers have additional physical, communication, power and environmental requirements. Planning for this infrastructure can be provided by the Extormity Strategic Consulting unit, with implementation provided by the Extormity Solutions and Services Business Unit. These business units operate in silos, ensuring that you receive and pay for duplicated services.

Software Model: MIE and NoMoreClipboard products are web-based, and have been since

day one. You can access patient records

anytime, anywhere, from virtually any device

– a PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or Smartphone.

There are no severs to buy and no software to download or install – simply log-in securely

on any browser using bank-level encryption.

Meaningful use: Those relying on Extormity to achieve meaningful use are more likely to find themselves ill used. Of course, we have an offshore call-center staffed by a team of stimulus specialists at the ready who may be reached after a lengthy and bewildering series of automated commands prompting you to enter financial information.

Meaningful use: From an embedded meaningful use meter designed to help you stay on track to a partnership with NoMoreClipboard to help you meet patient engagement requirements, MIE will help you qualify for stimulus funds. Better yet, MIE and NoMoreClipboard applications have helped numerous medical professionals improve quality and clinical outcomes, enhance efficiency, and reduce costs – providing meaningful use before the term was coined.

Getting Started: With the stimulus frenzy in full swing and a severe shortage of qualified implementation personnel, the wait for an Extormity EHR is best described as intolerable. Given our current backlog, we launched The Extormity Abstinence program which cleverly positions our EHR as one worth waiting for. Participants simply make a $50,000 per physician down payment and in turn receive a laminated pocket pledge card and an "Extormity – I'm Worth It" wristband.

Getting Started: WebChartNOW from MIE is the only try it before you buy it EHR. Simply go to and create a free trial account. In fewer than four minutes, you can kick the tires and take a test drive. If WebChartNOW is right for your practice, we will convert your trial account to a live EHR system, and you can rapidly become a meaningful user of a fully certified EHR.

Patient portal: Believing so-called “tethered” PHRs fall short of turning consumers into captives, Extormity now offers a shackled patient portal solution designed to create the illusion of information portability while charging consumers a ‘baggage handling’ fee that would make even the most brazen airline executive blush.

Patient portal: MIE has partnered with to offer practices a portable, interoperable patient portal designed to meet consumer engagement meaningful use requirements, enhance patient satisfaction and improve practice efficiency. The PHR portal can be branded to your practice, and enables the bi-directional exchange of demographic and clinical data as well as secure messaging modules including online appointment requests, refill requests and bill payment.

Looking Ahead

Despite unveiling the face behind the name, Extormity and SEEDIE plan to keep up the merriment.

“As long as the healthcare IT sector can benefit from a healthy dose of satire and a quick break from the very serious work we are all doing, we will continue to publish alerts and generate funny bits while keeping promotional ploys for MIE and NoMoreClipboard to a minimum,” said Donnell.  “All we ask is that you take a look at our organizations and other challenger brand vendors out there. In the very least, use Extormity as a guide for what to avoid.” 

Or, in the words of Brantley Whittington, “First, do no harm to our gargantuan revenue stream.”    

For a fun-loving look at the frustrations behind EHR adoption, visit and sign-up for Extormity alerts.  For a less-than-savory approach to EHR certification, visit and sign-up for SEEDIE alerts. To learn more about minimally invasive WebChart EHR solutions and/or personal health records and patient portal solutions, visit and

About Medical Informatics Engineering (MIE):

Founded in 1995, MIE has developed a web-based, Minimally InvasiveTM EHR portfolio that is deployed at physician practices and Fortune 500 organizations operating on-site employee health clinics. Unlike many EHR vendors that require physicians to alter the way they practice medicine to fit an inflexible software platform, MIE tailors its EHR solutions to fit the workflow preferences of each practice and its individual clinicians. More information can be found at

About NoMoreClipboard: is an online, patient-controlled personal health record management system designed to consolidate medical information in one convenient and secure location for easy retrieval and updates. NoMoreClipboard enables consumers to share personal or family member medical information with medical professionals electronically or on provider-specific medical forms; reducing the need to complete repetitive medical paperwork. was established to develop innovative web-based solutions for consumers seeking to establish an online personal health record (PHR). The leadership team leverages its extensive clinical health care and technology experience to create and continually enhance a PHR system that is consumer-friendly, interactive, secure and interoperable with physician practice approaches to capturing patient information. For more information, please visit

About Extormity:

Extormity, a name created for several hundred thousand dollars by a West Coast brand identity firm, is a combination of the Latin root words conformare (to fashion of the same form) and extorquere (to wrench out). This powerful and memorable moniker reflects the Extormity mission – to squeeze as much revenue as possible from healthcare providers who pay us handsomely for a proprietary software product that we replicate in a nearly identical form and fashion at each engagement. This maximizes shareholder value, so we encourage the people who select our systems to buy our stock – therefore realizing a return on their investment. Some call this approach duplicitous, we call it a new paradigm.  For more information, please visit


SEEDIE, the Society for Exorbitantly Expensive and Difficult to Implement EHR’s, is a healthcare IT standards organization that is completely funded and operated by a select group of proprietary electronic health record vendors.  Unlike independent, objective, professional organizations created to help medical professionals select and implement interoperable EHR solutions, SEEDIE promotes healthcare IT systems that play well in the sandbox if, and only if, it is in the best interests of a particular vendor.  While the other groups argue endlessly about which standards are most appropriate in pursuit of “plug and play” solutions, SEEDIE recognizes that data exchange should only occur after a lengthy and expensive custom integration process. Further, that integration should require ongoing technical support from multiple vendors.  For more information, please visit


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