In reviewing some of the announcements and product at HIMSS this year I ran across “the pen” and this looks to be an interesting add on for a medical records system.  What happens when the power goes out was one item that came to mind.  There have been pens on the market for a while now that require special paper and let’s face it you are not going to have that special paper around for all your needs.  image

As we are beginning to see the increased use of “scribes” to enter data it looks like this could perhaps be an optional add on that might have some use with adding information to a patient record and securely store the data as like with a regular pen, you might lose it.  I wonder if they offer insurance to cover that <grin>.  It may not be for everyone but it certainly looks like a good way of at minimum to capture a signature easily enough to add to the chart.  I just wish they would put the video up so all could see without having to create a log in so we could get a better visual on how it works.  BD 

Introducing a revolutionary digital pen that quickly
captures data into NextGen® Ambulatory EHR.

  • Combine the ease of pen and paper with the structured
    data capture capabilities of today's technology.
  • Create structured EHR data from popular forms, without
    scanning or transcription.
  • Capture everything you write or draw as part of a
    patient's record.
  • Easy to use by patients or providers with no
    learning curve, as part of your existing workflow.

A tiny camera in this pen's tip captures everything as it is written or drawn. Simply place the pen in a USB docking station, approve the data, and NextPen automatically fills the structured data fields in a patient's record. A perfect image of the form is also captured and can automatically be attached to the record, making it ideal for signatures and drawings.

NextGen Healthcare | NextPen


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