Strange things are happening at the ER rooms today and this ranks up there.  The man had been in an automobile accident, taken to the hospital and when the staff was removing clothing for treatment lots of goodies were found to include drugs, pills and a bomb.  The Kansas City Police Department’s bomb and arson unit, along imagewith agents of the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, used a robotic device to move the device to an open parking lot to detonate the explosive device.  

I guess we may hear more later but the man has been released and the investigation will continue.  Who knows what he planned to do with the explosive device were it not for the car accident.  From the description given of being 6 inches long and having a fuse it sounded a bit large to be a firecracker.  BD 

Staff at Liberty Hospital called authorities this week after finding an explosive device in clothing worn by a patient admitted to the emergency room.

Liberty police responded just after 11 a.m. Thursday to the hospital, where staff members had been assisting a 19-year-old Holt, Mo., man who had been involved in a rollover car accident near Kearney.

Staff members had found marijuana, assorted pills, drug paraphernalia and an apparent explosive device in the man’s clothing. They moved the items to the ambulance bay and called police.

Officers said the device was cylindrically shaped and about 6 inches long. It was covered in yellow tape and had a small green fuse.

Explosive device found on man treated in hospital emergency room -


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