Ok reading the title above one might wonder what’s up with this?  This is an article here that offers some tips when applying for health insurance and this is directed for those who can afford it.  Firs of all to avoid telling any fibs on an application for health insurance, apply to a group of them at one time.  This way with all going out at the same time you won’t have to say that you have been recently turned down.

This applies to someone who has not been turned down and is looking for a private policy to replace an employer policy for the most part.  The next step, don’t apply as a family, send a separate application for each family member.  It’s a lot of extra work but these are the words of an insurance broker who sells this stuff.

The example here shows a family of 3 and the Mom was accepted by one insurance company and so was her daughter; however the daughter premium was 50% higher than a standard policy for a girl of that age as she took regular medication for a common teenage issue.  Mom was denied from one due to a corn which needed to be removed and dad had a slow growing cataract and the family openly disclosed all of this information.  The dad was approved by another insurer other than the one that turned down mom and daughter as that one turned him down.  These are high deductible policies too.  You can read all the details of the amount of time and tons of paper this required too. 

Anyway, this is what a family of 3 had to go through to get insurance without any chronic diseases, no cancer etc.  This scenario reminds me of the woman in Sicko who was refused coverage for not including a yeast infection from years ago.  BD 


THIS isn’t the story of a poor family with a mother who has a dreadful disease that bankrupts them, or with a child who has to go without vital medicines. Unlike many others, my family can afford medical care, with or without insurance. Instead, this is a story about how broken the market for health insurance is, even for those who are healthy and who are willing and able to pay for it.

Most employees assume that if they lose their job and the health coverage that comes along with it, they’ll be able to purchase insurance somewhere. The members of Congress who want to repeal the provision of last year’s health insurance law that makes it easier for individuals to buy coverage must assume that uninsured people do not want to buy it, or are just too cheap or too poor to do so.

The truth is that individual health insurance is not easy to get.

Money Won’t Buy You Health Insurance - NYTimes.com


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