It seems like it’s never going to end with recalls and when J and J is finished with all imagetheir inspections, perhaps these will all but go away.  This company really need a coordinated recall system.  Even if the product doesn’t have any affect on consumers directly, the mounting items of items in the news certainly is not a very big help at all.  Earlier this week a re-organization was announced for the consumer products end of the business. 

Johnson and Johnson Restructures Consumer Products Group And Creates New Global Franchise Organization

Besides their own problems they have some counterfeiters to look out for as well.

Counterfeit Johnson & Johnson OneTouch Products Investigation – One More Good Reason to Start “Tagging” Products for Consumers So We Can Scan for Authenticity


Again, Johnson and Johnson with all their products in so many different areas of healthcare could sure stand to build consumer, doctor and business confidence about now and it sure beats being the BP of imagethe pharmaceutical and medical devices industry and my bar coding idea still stands.  BD 

Johnson & Johnson's (JNJ) Ethicon unit recently recalled 700,000 vials of a liquid wound-sealing product amid reports of discoloration and a new hernia-treatment product due to concerns about non-sterile packaging, a spokeswoman confirmed Thursday.

Both voluntary events add to the list of product challenges for J&J, which has issued a series of recalls for various products since 2009 due to manufacturing-related problems.

Ethicon notified customers in a Feb. 2 letter that it was recalling certain lots of its Dermabond wound-sealing adhesive based on reports that some units contained discolored product and may also take longer than expected to set. The company, which notified the Food and Drug Administration, said it hasn't gotten any reports of adverse events related to the problem.

The company recalled 31 product lots--including 28 in the U.S.--that contained a total of 700,000 single-use vials, spokeswoman Barbara Montresor confirmed.

The Securestrap system involves a pistol-shaped tool used to deploy tiny, absorbable straps that hold mesh in place in hernia-repair procedures. Ethicon was just rolling the product out in late December when it launched a recall because it determined the sterile packaging barrier could be compromised, Montresor said.

J&J Unit Recalls Wound-Sealing Adhesive, Hernia Tool >JNJ -


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