In case you have not seen this in the news, a huge amount of patient data records were stolen from a transport vehicle when left unlocked and unattended.  The imageactual theft goes back to December 23rd of 2010.  All victims, to include staff and workers have been notified and will be given the standard credit protection service.

There are 14 hospitals in the system and along with patients and staff information, other vendor information considered confidential was in the files.  Sometimes thieves take things and they really don’t know what they have or how to use it, but on the other hand it could be just the opposite.  The reports in the news stated the data would require some levels of IT expertise to actually access the data.  The vendor’s contract ha been cancelled and the hospital system now wants to recover the costs of credit services and other related expenses.  The records were all stored on magnetic tapes.  GRM Management is the vendor who created the breach when leaving a van unlocked. 

The New York City Health and Hospitals Corp. filed a lawsuit against a data storage and transport vendor after the December theft of electronic files that contained personal or health information for about 1.7 million patients and hospital or contract employees.

N.Y.C. system sues over massive data breach - Healthcare business news from Modern Healthcare


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