This is just too classic not to mention and thanks to the Happy Hospitalist for imageposting on his blog!  He states he had one of his readers make this find and hey let’s face it, how many of us have not at some time just walked in toe the 99 Cent or Dollar store to at least just look around.  What’s the price, well if you have to ask for a price check at the 99 Cent store…sorry I just had to add that last comment. 

Happy has some good uses planned for these gloves too and is going to compare and check out against the ones he uses at his hospital.  You just never know what you could stumble upon today and where it might be least expected.  If there’s ever a shortage at the hospital with gloves, here’s a new back up plan.  Oh and more more item, don’t forget to stuff those paper gowns in the gloves too as one doctor found it helps reduce the spread of MRSA.  Even if you don’t use the gloves, the price is good for just stuffing. 

Stuffing Paper Hospital Gowns in Gloves helping reduce the spread of MRSA

One other comment here is that these might be worth a look under the microscope to make sure we are getting good gloves for the buck as a couple years ago with some that were imported some were found to have bugs and holes in them, so perhaps we should really put Spic and Span to the test. <grin>. Hey if nothing else they make great gloves for coloring hair at the salon or at home.  You can read more at Happy’s blog.   BD 

Medical latex gloves contain bugs and holes

A reader sent me a picture of these medical exam gloves (powdered latex) being sold by Spic and Span at the Dollar Store.

Medical Exam Gloves (Picture) @ The Dollar Store: 1 Dolla' To Make You Holla'


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    Exam gloves are the ideal solution for individuals sensitive to rubber latex or donning powder. Thanks a lot....


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