The toilet is not the only area of exposure to water but it seems to be one of the imagemost common areas of exposure for cell phones today, yes we all take our phones in there from time to time don’t we?   The video below is a demonstration of how the coating process works and no it’s not in a can to spray as it has to be done at the manufacturing end by placing items in a chamber to apply the protective coating. 

The company, P2i is already working with companies that manufacture hearing aids as that is an area where contact with just our body oils and the ear being a moist place is where this imagecould create havoc in time.  The company now is working on cell phones and would we all not like to have a phone coated that could even sit out in the rain somewhere too?  The coating is non-cytotoxic, non-irritating, non-allergenic so it appears to no disturb any environmental issues.  Notice that wet duck floating around underneath in the image above, so this appears to be “duck” or Medical Quack friendly. 

Nano Coating

Here’s one more video that explains more about the product and their areas of focus.  Again, the phone in the toilet is one I would to see soon and every piece of clothing that is white would work too as we all know when we wear white, we spill and get dirty <grin>  BD 



  1. I think above all, the applications are what matters to me. The Apple apps store have so much more high quality apps available compared to google marketplace. If google or blackberry can keep up with the apple on the apps side of things, you can bet I'll be a convert. I'm not even a pro Apple dude. In fact, I like the android phones better than the iphone...

  2. Soon enough there will be an app designed for ultrasound images to be displayed in real-time!


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