In short, this is a catheter and balloon up the nose for those with sinus drainage problems and brings the procedure to the doctor’s office instead of having to perhaps have it done in a hospital. I can easily enough say I have had my bouts imagewith sinusitis but not extreme by any means and probably more occasional allergy related.  The article states that within 48 hours one can go back to work or normal routines.  It is covered by Medicare and many insurers.  I believe so many issues with sinuses today somewhat are related to the environment to a degree today too. 

In a few years we could have multiple balloons one day if we have them in our legs, heart and now in the nose and of course with the balloons, you are pretty much married to the doctor or surgeon as they normally recommend follow up visits to make sure nothing has moved or changed.  BD 

MINNEAPOLIS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Entellus Medical, a Minnesota-based medical technology company, announced today that the U.S. Food and imageDrug Administration cleared the company’s new FinESS Endoscope. The endoscope is used with the FinESS Sinus Treatment, which employs minimally-invasive balloon dilation to open narrowed sinus drainage paths and relieve symptoms in patients with recurrent or chronic sinusitis. The new Entellus endoscope enables treatment of sinusitis patients in the doctor’s office by delivering enhanced image quality and visualization of the sinus thereby potentially reducing procedure time.

“Transantral, endoscopically guided balloon dilation of the local ostiomeatal complex for chronic rhinosinusitis under local anesthesia”

The Entellus FinESS system treats the two most commonly inflamed sinuses, the maxillary and anterior ethmoid sinuses. Designed to be performed in the doctor’s office setting, FinESS is the only balloon dilation system on the market that predictably allows direct visualization of the maxillary sinus opening. This ensures treatment of the natural sinus drainage pathways.


According to Entellus Medical CEO Brian Farley, “Our new endoscope provides ENT physicians a clear visual perspective to quickly guide sinus balloon catheter placement and successfully treat patients in the doctor’s office. This practice-changing technology greatly enhances the treatment options for physicians and their patients who suffer from sinusitis

Entellus Medical™ Receives FDA 510(k) Clearance for FinESS™ Endoscope | Business Wire


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