First of all I would like to say thanks to Gary Levin in Riverside for viewing me as a messenger as that’s why I try to do with combining some modern day mathematical processes (algorithms) that work with healthcare today, both the good imageand maybe not so good sides of what’s happening.  It is more fun to write about the good stuff I agree and hopefully there’s enough of that content on the blog as well.  He has his own blog called “The Health Train Express” where you can view some of his own ideas and thoughts too. 

He gets the talk about “Algo Medicine” and that’s new one that I have to give him credit for coining as I used “Algo Men” quite frequently in many posts, meaning the folks who are experts with the interpretation and intellectual use of the information derived.  Again, thanks for the kind words and the fact that both sides of the equation with such knowledge can help keep one grounded with seeing the entire big picture!  Next up I think Gary and I can really get into a nice chat on “Magpie Healthcare” <grin> as we have have too out there, again thanks for the kind words and I could almost bet he might agree with me on the suggestion of sending IBM Watson to Congress too <grin>.  BD 

Where Should Watson Go Next-The House and Senate For Some Needed Additional Intelligence for Data Mining and Searches

“Before I get any further I need to give attribution to Medical Quack whose recent posts have been in reference to Algo-Medicine and our great hope for the good side of “The Force”. Barbara, or as I like to call her “Ducky”, not to be confused with Ducky from NCIS’ whose forensic abilities defy most pathologists. (why don’t more pathologists blog?) (where was I now?)

Oh yes,  Medical Quack always has an aggregation of topics that fuel my limbic system.   This is not Ducky’s fault…’s a bit like shooting the messenger.  Ducky, you bring a lot of bad Karma to the table. I like you very much. It keeps me grounded and diminishes my euphoria. Thank you very much.”


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