PillPick was the solution chosen...packages are bar coded and labeled for automatic dispensing and serialized bags enable medication tracking through out the facility...read up by clicking on the pictures for more information...BD 

A new pharmacy robot at Loyola University Hospital is designed to eliminate the type of life-threatening human medication errors that injured actor Dennis Quaid's image newborn twins.
image Loyola's pharmacy recently began filling patient prescriptions with the two-armed, $1.5 million dollar robot. The robot places single doses of medication in small plastic bags. Each bag has a bar code that identifies the drug. When the system is fully implemented, the nurse will scan the bar code on the medication bag, along with the bar code on the patient's wrist band. If the computer detects it's the wrong drug or wrong dose, a pop-up warning will appear and the computer will sound an alert.

"PillPick is an automated unit dose packaging, storage and dispensing system . It utilizes bar-code technology to improve the pharmacy’s productivity and enhance patient safety."

$1.5 Million Robot Cuts Risk Of Drug Errors


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