It is anticipated that it will sequence 10 billion base pairs in a single 80 hour run...Harvard and MIT have already purchased a unit...mid May should offer availability for all...with the open source design users will be able to set up their own queries, etc.  The article states that sequencing versus chips offers much more versatility and can identify mutations that have been limited by the microarray processes.  Another company Helicos just released it's own sequencing machine as, so the race is on to involve health care facilities....BD 

An inexpensive new gene-sequencing machine is due to hit the market next month, image and its creators hope that it will make sequencing more common, ultimately giving a boost to personalized medicine. The machine is the brainchild of George Church, a genomics pioneer who developed the first direct sequencing technology as a graduate student in the 1980s and helped initiate the Human Genome Project soon after.

The Danaher device will cost roughly $150,000, a third to a tenth of the cost of systems currently on the market.  His team partnered with Danaher Motion, a precision-instrument maker that built movable microscope stages for earlier versions of the technology.

Church and his collaborators are using the new device to sequence the genomes of the project's first 10 volunteers, who will share their genome sequences, medical records, and other personal information with both scientists and the public.

Technology Review: Gene Sequencing for the Masses


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