Submissions for the contest begins on April 30th and runs through May26th...more details at the Medgadget website...a video needs to be created and sent to enter...should see some new and inventive concepts as well as some great potential aesthetics, after all it's the ease of use and appeal to the patient that will drive the products...BD 

Medgadget is proud to announce our co-sponsorship of the 2nd Annual DiabetesMine™ Design Challenge - "a competition designed to foster innovation in diabetes design and encourage creative new tools that will improve life with diabetes". The contest is looking for unique, practical, and novel design ideas that may one day be applied to real products. The winners of the design challenge will receive both prize money and consulting time with design firm IDEO.

"This competition is open to all individuals and organizations developing devices or supplies for people with diabetes (medications not included), or enterprising patients with unique prototype concepts. DiabetesMine™ will accept submissions in two categories: under age 18, and age 18 and older."

2nd Annual DiabetesMine™ Design Challenge - Medgadget -


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