There's no fix in sight...with the budget cuts coming July 1st and the smaller independent pharmacies are feeling the pinch...Medical prescription benefits being cut by 10%...but the one statement that is strange is the fact that the state does not use generics?  BD 

On top of the planned cuts, pharmacists face a more immediate threat. Medi-Cal sends reimbursement checks to pharmacies twice a month. The state already has informed them that it will delay writing the June 19 check until July 2.

Many pharmacists might have to take out loans just to make their payroll, since Medi-Cal is such a significant part of their business.  "The bottom line is they want to take 10 percent of the drug cost. ... When the average scrip is $108 in California, and they want to pay us $97 for that, you can't do that," Sherman said. "And oddly enough, the state doesn't use (cheaper) generics, they use the most expensive (brand name) stuff."

The national and regional chain pharmacies are just as concerned with the state's plans as the independent pharmacies, since most are working at capacity, according to Rolston.

There is a petition drive under way, and a group of Southern California pharmacies filed a lawsuit last week against the state on behalf of patients who they say will have a harder time getting access to prescription drugs. More lawsuits are possible. Prescription for loss


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