Could this be an end to the proverbial football scout and is this going too far...I think so...but it is happening...public or not public...perhaps has not hit the US in big force yet and then there are the legal issues, but how do you stop someone showing up with their DNA report to qualify for a try out.. DNA information is going to need some real guidelines...if that is it becomes more mainstay in society...just look at where we are with steroids...BD 

Something new is going on with the use of DNA that could make a very few lucky people rich, and devastate the hopes and dreams of many others. And it raises huge ethical issues for most of us, on top of the DNA issues we already worrying about.image

Of course this idea of predestined achievement by a few, and conversely predestined under-achievement by the many, goes against the teachings of a lot of philosophers and self-improvement gurus who say that most of us are capable of greatness. But, it seems, the lab boys disagree.  But what you may not realize is that DNA profiling, which in scientific terms is off shelf technology, is now being used to identify a pre-disposition to "enhanced athletic performance." In Australia, one genetics company reportedly offers a $90 test the lab claims will identify whether customers have the fast-twitch muscle function gene called ACTN3, which is said to be found in leading sprinters.

ABC News: How to Be Like Mike? Gotta Be the Genes


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