These items relate to a woman and her son were going in for dialysis treatments whereby heparin was used...and she lost both...sad story indeed....and what is the future...pharmaceuticals must have the highest standards as they are products we use in our bodies and there's no room for "knock offs" in this business....and to think the decision was partly made due to economical cheap is a human life?  Most would say a life is priceless, but unfortunately there are those still putting price tags before health care....BD  image

-- More than any other company in the world, Baxter's products are involved in critical care settings. Because of this, we are greatly concerned that our heparin product appears to be the target of a deliberate adulteration scheme. Patient safety is our number one priority, and we deeply regret the impact this contamination in Baxter's heparin has had on patients and the clinicians who treat them.
-- The developments of the last several weeks have demonstrated that this is both a global and industry-wide crisis, with a root cause - oversulfated chondroitin sulfate ("OSCS") -- that was so novel and so insidious as to avoid the quality systems of a multitude of companies and the oversight of the world's most sophisticated drug regulatory agencies.

"Christmas music played in the background as each one of us said our goodbyes," said a shaking Leroy Hubley. "And the nightmare returned only weeks later when my son, Randy, started dialysis at the same clinic."

Testimony Of Baxter Int. CEO Before Subcommittee On Oversight And Investigations Committee On Energy And Commerce U.S. House Of Representatives

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