Well from the female side of things we have known for years that something has been flawed along the way...but for our lifetime we won't have to worry about life without men...just the flaws and a world of men trying to get their "groove" back....and as the article states, Hooters has a number of years before they might have to worry about going out of business..more predictions from the study of genetics....BD  

This isn't just an unlikely sci-fi scenario. This could be reality, according to Bryan Sykes, an eminent professor of genetics at Oxford University and author of "Adam's Curse: A Future Without Men."image

"Men are genetically modified women," explained Sykes. But unlike other chromosomes, the Y chromosome can't repair itself and will, says Sykes, disappear altogether in about 125,000 years.

It's a long time, 125,000 years. But we men have a far more immediate problem: sperm counts have fallen by an incredible 20 percent in the past 50 years. Stress? Alcohol? Environmental pollution? Who knows, but it's deeply concerning for those of us with a vested interest in the survival of the male.  But Sykes says the technology for women to procreate without us is just around the corner. Maybe our only hope as men is that women decide to keep us alive for their own amusement. For the pop music, perhaps, or maybe the dancing. We can be good at that.

ABC News: Are Men Facing Extinction?


  1. I'm doing ok, my wife is pregnant with twins so the Y must not be flawed too bad. I enjoyed the post regardless.


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