The article has a pretty good listing of many companies already invested...BD 

The RFID business is growing so fast that few applicational sectors can beat that scorching rate of growth. Healthcare and pharmaceuticals is one of them thanks to the new tagging of drugs, real time location of staff and patients and other developments including automated error prevention. This unique report gives a full technical and market analysis illustrated by 70 case studies. It is a vital resource for the healthcare profession and all who wish to support it.

The market for RFID tags and systems in healthcare and pharmaceuticals will rise rapidly from $85.24 million in 2007 to $2.05 billion in 2017. Primarily, this will be because of item level tagging of drugs and Real Time Locating Systems (RTLS) for staff, patients and assets to improve efficiency, safety and availability and to reduce losses.

The Market for RFID Tags and Systems in Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals Will Rise from $85.24 Million in 2007 to $2.05 Billion in 2017 - Yahoo! Canada Finance


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