One more facility gets "Robo-Doc".  If you have never seen one of these in motion, it is a little different when standing in a hallway and the machine says "excuse me, can I get by"...bedside consults can be done when the doctor is not at the facility by simply logging in and using a joy stick to control the device...and it's as tall as I just doesn't open doors or push the elevator image buttons by itself...yet...BD 

ICU Nurses at the Ryder Trauma Center at the University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Medical Center have a new high-tech colleague. CHICO (computer hospital intensive care operator) is a roving telemedicine robot that whirs quietly from bay to bay on the busy trauma unit looking in on patients with its digital monitor “face,” while uploading and transmitting patient data via secure Internet connection technology.
CHICO, priced at $250,000 from InTouch Technologies, is the only remote presence robot in a civilian trauma center in the country. Looking like an upright vacuum canister with a computer monitor for a head, topped off in CHICO’s case with a jaunty cap, the robot allows an off-site physician to access patient records electronically, listen to a heart rate with the built-in stethoscope, and consult with other healthcare providers, patients, and patients’ families. The patient sees the face and hears the voice of the physician who is operating the system. - Remote-Presence Robot Attends Patients at Ryder Trauma Center


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