Just wanted to take a few moments here to reflect on the fact that charity is still alive and well.   There are many areas and ways to contribute and just wanted to show a couple recent examples of how companies and individuals are still donating to a good cause....the first example shows a imageFacebook application called "Causes" which can be added to your Facebook page and members can easily join.  In order to view the pages though, you will need to establish a Facebook account to see how this works.  This first example shows the use of donations to provide soft and beautiful music at the hospital, lead by Paul Levy, the hospital CEO....nice!

This second example comes from an Electronic Medical Records company, E-MDs.  Dr. David Winn, the CEO took the time to donate $5000.00 to help the returning troops....to help build a wheelchair ramp...one item worth mentioning in both these efforts is the use of social/forum entities on the Internet...technology and individuals working together for better health care...all brought together via the Internet and individuals who care to make a difference....BD 




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