Well this one had to be I guess...we already have apparel that addresses the top portion of our bodies, but wait, this is good news for men too, there's one available for the male sector...models have been using items such as duct tape for years to enhance their appearance, so the technique here is nothing new, but this could be a "ready to go" solution to avoid all that tape....check out the picture from Gizmag below with a before and after...more pictures at the source...BD 

image April 30, 2008 Heightening the ever-increasing pressures to conform to someone else’s ideals is this new invention known as the Biniki – put simply, it’s a bra for your butt. The patented Biniki is a US$30 series of straps you wear around the waist and under your bum cheeks to shape, tone, lift and support your derriere and the effect is significant and instant. There’s also a US$40 version for men (the Maniki) and a Throng, a US$30 device worn to achieve the same underwear-less look as a thong without having to floss in all the wrong places.

The Biniki – a bra for your butt


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