Recently I took time out to look at where some of my audience came from and found that there imageare many regular readers from several universities and several teaching hospitals and wanted to say thank you for your readership and support.  Until recently I didn't realize how large of a following I had in this area!  I hope to bring not only current medical news to the blog everyday, but also add some other twists, including HIT information and some tidbits of humor along the way.

Also, on the right hand side there are several additional resources, including direct links to the $4.00 generic retail pages, from the retailers who offer 300-400 generic drugs for a 30 day $4.00 cost, less than a co-pay.  The links go directly to the pages so you don't have to spend time navigating the individual retailer sites to find them!  The Kroger listing is one of the heaviest hit items on this site, so feel free to pass the word along to patients and others.  Thank you once more for everyone who reads and supports the blog as that's what makes it all worthwhile!  BD 


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