The product is both safe for home and can be used in a clinical setting...make the blood start clotting immediately...coming to the Internet or drug store soon...BD 

Research Triangle Park, N.C. — Entegrion, a medical technology firm utilizing technology developed at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and East Carolina University, has received Food and Drug Administration approval for one of its wound treatment products.
Stasilon FR is a hemostatic dressing that is designed to promote blood coagulation. It will be available over the counter as well as through prescriptions.image

Entegrion is also developing other hemorrhage control technology, including gels and sprays for tissue repair, infusible treatments for control of internal hemorrhage and targeted drug delivery to tumors and internal bleeding.

RTP startup Entegrion wins FDA approval to sell bandages to consumers ::


  1. There is a product on the market named KytoStat. KytoStat is as easy to use as a regular bandage. Through a unique manufacturing process an adhesive natures forms on the bandages and red blood cells are drawn to the bandage, creating a seal over the wound that forms a tight bond and stops the bleeding. For more information, please visit


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