A couple big users in health care include Tenet and Catholic Healthcare...other industries using Fast include UPS...whether it's a retail presentation or media with ads Fast drills down beyond the usual search word....offering "search" as a platform...manages the entire search application - hosted...easily find reports for top queries and maintains a full search index....Search as a Service...BD 

image Search solutions have enormous value in every industry and in every market that you can think of. Whether it involves locating, filtering and presenting the data that can help a bank to improve loss avoidance or providing rapid recommendations that boost the loyalty of online shoppers, FAST has a wide range of easily assembled modular solutions that have proved their worth time and time again.

"Give your users richer content –everything from user-generated content to video on demand. Allow them to discover and buy it on the Web, on the set top or on the handset. And help your marketing teams and call centers to dig deeper into customer data. FAST’s solutions are the power behind portals, wireless devices and business intelligence systems that already reach nearly 400 million cable and phone customers worldwide.  FAST also helps you provide personalized portals that let your online users find the right content, contribute their own content and quickly connect to people like them."

FAST - Industries Overview


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