So far only available from Verizon for a monthly subscription cost of $3.99...a user creates their own personalized reminder..the service is FDA approved...and uses "The Pill Book" as the data base for information and research...your phone will either ring or vibrate as a reminder to take your pills at the times you designate...BD 

Basking Ridge, N.J.-base d Verizon Wireless is offerinimageg an application designed to offer consumers drug information and medication reminders on their smart phones.

  The Pill Phone software is a mobile version of the medical reference guide the Pill Book. It offers information on more than 1,800 medications and prescription drugs commonly prescribed by imagephysicians, including indications, dosing, side effects, drug interactions and photos. Consumers also can schedule reminders for when they need to take their imagemedications as well as dosing instructions.

The Pill Phone is the only wireless application to have FDA approval for medication management. It is a comprehensive drug resource based on the best selling guide.

Getting Meds Reminders by Phone


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