This video was created by a physician, Dr. Biggs showing his current use of technology with his electronic medical records system and a portable ECG machine and how it all comes together...mobility is the name of the game here as stated below there's "no more cart to trip over"...and he uses it with his Tablet PC....both the ECG machine and the Tablet PC are portable...thus both can go from room to room as needed!...great video and thanks for taking the time to produce the video!...BD 

Once you store your ECGs online in your EMR, they will be accessible from anywhere you can imageaccess your EMR. We can look at these from the hospital, the Emergency Room, or from home. In addition, you can immediately compare up to 4 EKGS at the same time.


imageThe MidMark unit is really small, it weighs about 1/2 pound, and is the size of my hand. Most of the weight is from the 12 lead wires. It plugs into a USB port in any of my exam room desktop, or my tablet PC. The nurses  find it much easier to use than the old unit that was on a cart. Oh yeah, no cart in the hallway to trip over anymore!

New Video : Using Midmark digital ECG in the EMR -


  1. The EKG machine was developed in the early 1900's, and the advancements made by Willem Einthoven won him the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1924. The basic precepts still apply today, and the EKG machine remains the best way to diagnose abnormal rhythms of the heart due to damage or electrolyte imbalance.

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