It's about previous posts there have been articles that stated some of the top ranking individuals at the FDA didn't have computers!  At that point I put out a call to Intel image to at least get them some inexpensive Classmates computers.  There's even a section on the Intel website that talks about their use with government agencies. and they are only $400.00.   With the power they have to watch over the citizens of the US in determining what is safe and what is not, they need IT and Computer power...I about choked when I read the one article written by someone else that stated some of the reports are still written in longhand on paper!  But this too could be old dogs not wanting to learn new tricks and we have plenty of that in Congress, as stated in previous posts "who feel uncomfortable talking about technology"...which goes back to an article about Congress asking software security vendors for help.  Granted IT solutions for the FDA go beyond the devices used with data base and server updates/installations, but it's a good place to start to at least get off the paper.  BD 

Updating the Food and Drug Administration’s information systems is one of the top priorities in the agency, FDA Commissioner Andrew von Eschenbach, M.D., told Congress in recent testimony. image

He spoke on April 22 before the House Energy and Commerce subcommittee on oversight and investigations, which is studying FDA actions to improve the safety of medical devices and products made with foreign components.  “FDA plans to enhance its I.T. systems in ways that will enable the agency to better utilize risk-based information from the entire life-cycle of imported products,” von Eschenbach testified. “Many of these improvements will be implemented in the next two years; implementation of a few will extend beyond 2010.

FDA Head: We’re Boosting I.T.


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