A great story on Remote Area Medical...lives on donations....treated 17,000 patients last year...on one day they treated 600 people on Saturday....and Sunday there was a repeat of the same...the program relies on donations, very few from any big companies or big industries...originally his system was designed for 3rd world countries, but now 60% of his efforts are focused on taking care of citizens in the US....the video will open your imageeyes....this was both the under insured and non insured....there were more people than who could be cared for in the 2 days...there were 400 people who were turned away....this is absolutely one good charity worth a donation and paints a good picture of the reality of how our own system is not working for our citizens...BD

At a time when the bean counters on Wall Street are finding the health insurance industry a bad risk, I have to ask how much longer the Beltway crowd is going to keep looking the other way.

 The insurance companies, of course, think the system is just fine, and they spent heavily to keep the status quo.


According to this CJR report, regarding a series of studies from Health Care Week and other industry groups, the health care industry, drug manufacturers and other related industry groups are doing everything they can to insure there are no changes to their current profit margins:

Firedoglake » Health Care In America: Pay To Play Isn’t Working…For Anyone


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