This report offers a pretty good explanation of not only the progress in this area, but forecasts what you will and may be seeing in the near future...personalized medicine offers more of a focus imageon prevention and prediction of disease rather than a reactionary disposition, which is what we have now..and in the long run stands to of course reduce medical we hear from almost  every new technology emerging in health care...there are web sites that will also pay for you to donate your DNA...but consumer oriented genetic testing has no current regulation, so that is an option at your own choice...even though they do offer counselors to help you understand the results and processes involved...right now cancer drugs are on the forefront in this area, making the news almost every week with new break through results that are very encouraging...BD 

Genomic and personalized medicine aims to tackle more complex diseases, such as cancer, heart disease, and diabetes, for years believed to be influenced primarily by environmental factors and their interaction image with the human genome. It is now understood that because these diseases have strong multigene components—and in some cases might be caused by errors in the DNA between genes instead of within genes—they can be better understood using a whole-genome approach.

Personalized medicine is not to be confused with "genetic medicine." Genetics, a field more than 50 years old, is the study of heredity.

  • What is the human genome?
  • What is personalized medicine?
  • Is personalized medicine only for sick people?
  • How might I get my genomic profile or learn my predisposition for certain medical conditions? What things should I consider before doing so?
  • Where can I look for more information about personalized medicine and genome science?
  • Personalized Medicine - US News and World Report


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