New partnerships developing between device manufacturers and wireless technology companies...wireless ECG more having to disconnect the devices when moving a patient as everything is wireless...BD 

imageLifeSync Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of GMP Companies, Inc., announced it has entered into a non-imageexclusive sublicense with Triage Wireless Inc. for LifeSync's patent portfolio associated with the digital, wireless communication of patient vital signs.  

This sublicense will allow Triage Wireless the right to utilize LifeSync's technologies in connection with patient-worn multi-parameter monitors and associated bedside or mobile displays.The LifeSync® System is the first wireless electrocardiogram (ECG) data communications system appropriate for use in high acuity settings.   The MT is connected to lead wires that are attached to virtually any patient monitor currently installed in the hospital. The MT will receive the signal from the PT up to thirty feet or more away.  The Company received both FCC and FDA approvals to market the LifeSync® System in the U.S. in 2003 and began selling the LifeSync® System in the U.S. in March 2004.

LifeSync to sublicense patent portfolio to Triage Wireless


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